The Bibey family has been living in Médoc for many generations. Settled in Bégadan, Jean-Mathieu Bibey, Jérôme's grandfather, started to cultivate the vine as a farmer. At that time, he brought the grapes to the village cooperative cellar since mixed farming and breeding were the norm.

In 1970, his son Yves bought his first plots of vines on the place called "Labadie", a name derived from a local legend relating the existence of an ancient abbey on these lands. He also brought his harvest to the cooperative cellar. In 1973 he married Adélaïde : native of the Netherlands, driven by her adventurous nature and the rigor of her management, she accompanied Yves in the growth of Château Labadie. Thus, the vineyard expanded from 20 hectares in 1988 (first vintage vinified by Yves) to more than 70 hectares today. They are parents of two sons : Bertrand, born in 1975, and Jérôme, born in 1978. 

In 1999, Jérôme took over the reins of the estate and implemented a strong environmental approach, combining sustainable cultivation and practices aimed at limiting the footprint of the activity on our planet. Producing good, producing clean became the leitmotif of Château Labadie.