Produce good, but above all produce clean!

The property is committed to good environmental practice in several ways:

- ISO 14001 certification: Château Labadie is member of a collective Environmental Management System that serves individual performance. Launched by the Interprofessional Council of Bordeaux Wines in 2010, this EMS works as groups of companies progressing together but each at their own pace. The EMS is focused on the impact of the activity on environment, for example through energy consumption, waste sorting and recycling, pest control methods, cultivation methods, and employee health and safety. The Bordeaux Wine EMS is an original collective approach allowing environmental progress to the greatest number.

- High Environmental Value certification (HVE3)

- Bee Friendly label


Our team is committed to controlling environmental risks on a daily basis:

- Controlled water management, with indicators showing a continuous reduction

- A growing fauna and flora, notably with the sowing of melliferous plants

- 1660 meters of waterways maintained and respected

- 262 meters of woodland edges and 223 meters of woodland alignments respected

- 100% of the wine-making effluents reprocessed